MANGO BUG EYE 2, They are NEW, COOL, Innovative and they work like a DREAM!!!!

  The Original MANGO BUG EYE has been an incredible success story in the USA, designed as a BASS lure we have now sold over 100,000 sets. At mango we believe in progression so we came up with new more attractive model.

This is the BUG EYE 2, Its another leap forward in fishing combining natural baits with lures, it retains the mango characteristics of polished shell and 3d eyes but has a more pronounced shape and more natural look.

How does it work?. One end of the worm is hooked onto the curve near to the eye of the hook while the other end of the worm is secured on the hook end.

These factors means that you get movement from the natural bait combined with the look of the bug eyes and body for that extra attraction that fish just love.



Fresh/brackish/saltwater: All Waters.

Technical Features:

VMC Perma steel Hooks, Holographic tape inside polycarbonate Hand polished shell, 3D Bug eyes.

WEIGHTS & SIZES-(in photo) Many availiable.

Hook sizes: 1/0, 2/0, 3/0

weights: 3.6Grms 1/8oz, 1.75Grms 1/16oz

Other sizes can be manufactured on application, please email

Target Species:
BASS, Sea Bass, Striped Bass, Trout, Sea Trout, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Zander,Pike and most other predatory species.

BUG EYE 2s are prototypes, they have been tried and tested and work well with great catches , therefor there are a wide range of colours and size combinations availiable.

They are not availiable in any shops yet, so dont miss your chance to get them now and be one of the first to champion this revolutionary model.

Mango can produce these lures on many hook sizes with different weights of shell and a massive range of holographic tape patterns.

What you see in the photo on this page is just an example of the hook size, colour and shape.


Prices/Shipping costs, availiable on request- email

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